Have you ever wondered what all the mayhem is all about working out these days? Suddenly your social media page is filled with posts by your friends about a good workout or photos of them after a good workout. Have you ever felt it was just an over exaggeration and exercising has personally not given you as much as your friends or other people claim to get? The difference could be the workout itself. Exercising is like an art. It has to suit your needs and your body for it to be a good workout. You need to ensure you get a good workout toRead More →

Exercising has never been my strong point. Though I have always strived to lose weight and maintain a good weight, I have never been able to make myself go to the gym on a regular basis. If I go for a week, I found myself resting the next week and slacking off. This was my constant struggle and I wanted to lose weight for sure. SO what did I do? I got myself an exercise bike at home. This was definitely a smart move and a wise investment choice. Not only did I get my regular exercise but I saved a lot of money on monthly gymRead More →

Drug tests are now a common thing in all organizations. This is mainly conducted by the employees to always have an eye on their productivity which has its impact directly on the profits and performance of a company. But there are few pre-requisites to this testing which is supposed to be fulfilled by the company or the organization or even the schools where these have become quite common these days. It is very important for the company to announce or inform the employees about these drug tests well in advance so that it does not come as a surprise to them. This is a mandatoryRead More →

After achieving a magical weight loss result your main concern would be how to keep it off for ever. Only minority of people who have lost weight were able to sustain the result. If you want to keep off the weight forever you will have to keep on modifying your lifestyle. If you get back to your old style of eating habits then you are likely to gain weight. In order to maintain a healthy weight, you will have to continue with the healthy eating and workout routine that you followed during the dieting period. When following diet programs like Nutrisystem and Medifast, the dietersRead More →

If you are looking for a good excuse to miss work look no further than food poisoning as it is the best excuse available to be used at any time. You can use this excuse at the time of emergencies and take a day off from work. If you want to plan it well in advance you can inform your colleagues the day before you are planning to take leave that you will be going to restaurant for dinner that day. This will not surprise your colleagues the next day as they will relate to your statement of the previous day. The products that bringRead More →

Puberty begins in girls at an early age and at around 10 years on an average. There may be some who would start at age 8 only and others may start only at age 13. The breast enlargement is the first sign of entering puberty and the girl’s peak growth starts to occur a year after she begins puberty. Menstruation starts two years after the start of puberty and the first period occurs in most cases when the girl enters her 13th birthday. Stop your period once it starts. In this time of puberty, there are many times when you will be able to talk toRead More →

There is a treatment for everything these days provided you have your pockets open for all these lavishly. Yes, one such very recent cosmetic surgery that everybody is opting to go for is the hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is nothing but a surgical technique that transplants hair from the donor site to the receiver`s site. This procedure is mainly carried on in parts that are bald and where hair growth is completely impossible. This procedure is getting better and enhanced these days. In the initial days of the advent of this treatment, the looks were obvious and it was very evident that a transplantation has beenRead More →

Testosterone is one very important hormone in men supporting them greatly in their sex life. Of course, it is important for women too but at slightly lower levels. It plays a very important role not only in their sex life but also helps in building up muscles, fat loss and for an overall good health. Off late men have been found going down in this hormone badly and the main thing that is quoted as the reason for this is the rapidly changing life styles and eating habits. Yes, with technology at its boom, the normal life schedule has completely shifted and there is a changeRead More →

Bamboo mattresses and bamboo sheets are recommended to promote a healthy sleep. While there is so much hype about the bamboo sheets in the market you cannot buy one before actually knowing why they are good: Durability: Bamboo sheets are the best in terms of the durability. The fiber strength makes these sheets resilient. So when you maintain them well they can stay as good as new for years. But this is true only if you choose sheets made of all natural bamboo fibers. If you go for combination materials the results might not be the same. The strength is also because the fibers are stretchedRead More →

Sports shoes aren’t simple anymore. Given the wide range of choices and different specifications, gone are the days where one made simple decision between canvas shoes and leather shoes and mostly relied on one sporty pair of sneakers for a game or any outdoor activity like walking. This article looks at basketball sneakers for dominating the courtand help you win a game. The necessity of sneakers for playing a sport can be traced to basketball history in the USA. Today shoe and sneaker companies produce different models for the various sports and calibre of playing from beginners to professionals. The footwear used for basketball needs toRead More →