When it comes to shoes choose health over fashion

Not everything that is fashionable is comfortable. Not every pair of footwear that is trendy is good for the health. But sometimes we simply focus on the fashion quotient and ignore the health implications. Here are some compelling reasons why wearing comfortable shoes is important.

  1. Your feet need the right support:

Our feet are not flat- they are curved for a reason. So you need footwear that supports the feet by hugging the curves comfortably. Shoes that do not offer enough support might often result in sore ankles and heels.

  1. Bunions are painful:

Wearing the wrong type of footwear, wearing shoes that are too tight, might have long term impacts. If your feet feel constrained it might result in the formation of bunions. These are very painful and getting rid of them can be painful as well.

  1. Blisters and bruises:

If you notice any blisters and bruises after wearing a pair of shoes for a long time it would be a good idea to think about changing your shoes. Otherwise you could look for ways to make your shoes feel more comfortable. Blisters and bubbles might be because the material of the shoes is causing your feet to get excessively warm or because there is too much friction restricting the natural movement.

That being said, you do not always have to sacrifice your fashion sense simply because you have to wear comfortable shoes. There are also several manufacturers that make trendy shoes that are comfortable as well. And there are some shoes that look great and feel great to wear. Investing in such comfortable footwear can save you from sore feet and backaches. If you follow the popular online fashion blogs you would be able to get all the information you need about such footwear. I get all my fashion news from inkcloth.com

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