The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Dieting

Planning to go on a diet? sona creamery is one website that can help you get started with dieting the healthy way. Many people follow various diets and their entire process can be flawed and result in a number of health issues rather than helping them get better.

Worried about your dieting? Here is a comprehensive guide to healthy dieting:


Naturally occurring foods are the best for us. Fruits and vegetables eaten as raw as possible is the best source of energy and all nutrients a human body can require. Bread, pasta, etc are all processed from these plant sources and are not half as healthy as the plant foods themselves.

Though these are essential grains, many make the wrong choice of food groups. When these grains are consumed in whole, like whole wheat bread or whole oats, they are rich in fiber and are good for us. But the more easily available processed versions are not. So choose your food carefully.


Animal foods are good too and many of these animal foods have the nutritional value that plants do not offer. However, one should consume these foods in moderation. Excess consumption can lead to other side effects such as storage of fats, increase in weight, etc.

Though cheese, milk, and yogurt are rich in calcium, one needs to consume these only in limited quantities, else they are bound to see the weighing scale needle move up. Similar is the case with red meats. Consuming lean meats is good as it adds protein and does not add calories unnecessarily.


Fat should be consumed too. One should consume food containing fat, in limited quantity again. The body requires fat for its smooth functioning and when the required quantity is not met, it goes into a starvation mode and stores everything you eat, thus resulting in weight gain.

Any diet you follow should be well balanced and suitable for your lifestyle. A diet of a sports person will be completely different from that of a person who sits in front of the computer all day long. Hence the secret lies in choosing the right diet for you.

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