How To Care For Your Dentures

I started wearing dentures very early in life:

I was still in my twenties, late twenties exactly when I had wear dentures. It was not that I was careless about oral hygiene when I was younger but I never gave it too much thought. I brushed regularly though and visited my dentist every six months but I am sure that I was really not sure what exactly I was supposed to do. And it did not help that I was extremely complacent when it came to my health.

So, here I was at the dentist’s clinic:

The assistant here was nonchalant but the dentist was very comforting. He explained to me in great detail what the problem with my teeth was and why I would have to undergo root canal treatment for my teeth and that the dentures had to be fitted for me.

The time it would take for me to get used to them:

He assured me that even though the dentures would feel awkward in the beginning, in time I would get used to them.  But surely enough it took me about six months to get used to them. Every time I used to eat with them, I used to feel that they kept moving inside my mouth and that they would just pop out.

The problem I realized was not the denture but the denture glue:

With so many developments in my life, I had smartened up. I was reading a lot about the best products for my teeth and I chanced upon a lot of informative websites where everything about oral health and generally about health was explained in great length. I also hit upon very good denture glue at the pharmacy near my place. But I must confess it took a bit of trial and error till I could zero in on the best glue that worked for me.

The denture glue that I found at my pharmacy:

I have been using this glue for six years now and it has never given up on me. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know. If you need denture glue go here because you can benefit from my experience. Not everyone has to do trial and error to benefit!

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