Guide to Common Knee Injuries

When it comes to injuries, the most common part of the body to get hurt is the knee. A lot of us have gone through situations where our knee got injured. Knee injuries are obvious if you exert your knees to a large extent which is very common if you are a sportsperson.

Some of the common knee injuries are the following:

  • Runner’s knee is a very common condition among the athletes who have to run for a long distance. In this, the area near the kneecap can pain, mostly when you bend to do some work. And the condition can deteriorate if you walk up and down the stairs. This can occur even among the weightlifters who need to lift extremely heavy weights. In such situations, visit your doctor for a correct advice.
  • Iliotibial (IT) band syndrome may occur if a person suddenly increases his knee’s activity. Repeated running up and down hills or climbing stairs can also cause this syndrome which can be quite painful. This needs to be handled properly else there can be meniscus tears which will definitely need surgery.For rectifying this condition, stretching after exercise can be helpful.
  • Jumper’s knee can occur due to excessive jumping which is unavoidable for people who play volleyball, basketball or other sports which are similar to these. This injury can arise if your muscles are not strong enough. In the first level of this condition, one can only feel pain post workout or training. But it can deteriorate which will result into feeling pain throughout the day. In some case, surgery can be absolutely inevitable.
  • Sports such as soccer, lacrosse or basketball involve prompt lateral motions which can cause torn or sprained ligaments. Usually, other type of knee injuries take some time to occur but this one occurs suddenly. It is better to wear a ligament sprain knee brace for prevention.

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