Drugs Of Abuse – Are They Healthy?

The problem of drug abuse might not seem as threatening as the problem of drug addiction but, if left unattended, it can lead to that devastating addiction state, which requires painful procedures to bring back the person to his/her normalcy. Yes, the drug abuse is that pitiable state of a person with an extreme desire to use a particular drug is different and less severe than the drug addiction stage but, without any doubt can cause severe health problems that can not only be devastating but also life-threatening if not controlled at the right time.

The most commonly used drugs of abuse are

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Tobacco
  • Cocaine
  • DXM present in OTC cough/cold medicines
  • Prescription Opioids
  • PCP
  • Salvia

These drugs when abused are sure to affect the body and your health in the following harmful ways,

  • Memory Problems

The chemicals and the toxins present in these drugs have the power to alter the chemical composition of the brain that can negatively impact your judgment ability, memory power, analytical skills and so on, which is why many companies mandate the drugs screening process to ensure the betterment of the workplace, every time. Hence, if you have abused certain drug then, this is a very effective detox drink for drug test that can cleanse your body immediately and save you from facing any dismissals at your workplace. But, for the permanent happiness stop abusing the drugs and practice sobriety, all the time!

  • Kidney problems

The illicit drugs like heroin when abused can damage your kidney so badly in such a way that you cannot expect it to function normally without undergoing the dialysis process. If you do not stop there then, eventually you might need to undergo the kidney transplantation procedure that has its own shares of problems and concerns.

  • Heart problems

The mentioned drugs are so powerful, whose uncontrolled usage can cause severe heart problems like the heart palpitations, cardiomyopathy, irregular heartbeat or the heart rhythm, infection in the heart lining and so on that can lead to so devastating situation as the death.

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