Dirty Ways In Which Dirty Carpets Can Affect Your Health

If you think that your carpet is clean after an alternate day cleaning, then you need to think again because they are not actually clean in reality. Can you stop dust and dirt from entering the house for a full, complete day? Is it possible to do this with all windows and doors closed? Not possible right? This means that your carpet is also not clean and it is not just enough to dust them or dry them. Let`s look at some of the very common and unnoticed problems due to so called clean carpets.

  • Unclean carpets can make the immune system weak and unfit to fight against diseases and allergies. There are some invisible or unnoticed problems in your carpets. They might not be very evident but they exist in your unclean carpets like bacteria, small germs, and worms, toxic bacteria, pet hair, dead skin cells etc and when these are left to be on the carpets for long, they might slowly ruin your health. One very harmful toxin that can directly attack the human immune system is the mycotoxins. They weaken the immune system and lead to severe problems like skin allergies, stomach problems etc…
  • Dirty carpets can also transport bacteria into your body through your foot when you walk on them barefoot. This might lead to problems like athlete’s foot, skin allergies etc… These bacteria and germs come in direct contact with your foot through cuts, wounds or openings and cause problems.
  • The most dangerous problem with dirty carpets is the air-borne problems. When a carpet is not cleaned regularly, it might make the air inside dirty by spreading all the dust, dirt and bacteria into the house leading to severe breathing problems like People who are already suffering from asthma problems might start having negative reactions in their body due to unclean carpets.

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