Are their health risks when using a penis extender

The risk is not so much in using it as in improperly using it!

This is true with all things. So when we talk about penis extenders being dangerous or as posing risk to health then we must think about it in terms of danger that comes in with improper usage and wearing of it. the point is that anything and everything in this world can be dangerous if the person using it does not use his prudence.

The extenders are used for ages:

Men have been told from ages that the easiest way to get bigger is to keep wearing the extenders for longer periods and the result will come out faster. Wearing the extenders on the penis for an extended period of more than three or four hours can definitely be risky to the most important and sensitive part of a male.

The cutting off blood supply there!

Penis extenders can be risky to health that in certain unfortunate cases it can result in cutting off of the penis. The fact that there is less supply of blood to the penis because of the traction device will ensure that you have an insignificant amount of pain when something unfortunate like that happens.

Don’t fall into the cheap traction trap:

The best thing you can do to yourself is to not fall into the trap of saving money in the wake of buying cheap namesake or copied version of the original extenders. Original extenders may be costly but they will adjust t the size of your penis and be beneficial in the long run. If you are hell bent on saving money and end up buying some cheap look alike, the dangers of the dismemberment are quite high. You must be extremely careful and check that nothing untoward happens with you at any point in time!

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