Arab Dating Marriage Sites

Islam as a faith is all-encompassing:

Muslims world over believes in gender equality. A matron or a man who is eligible for marriage is always and always asked for his or her consent before the solemnizing is completed. So, there is no way that they would be forced into it.

On the contrary, if Muslim men and women do want to see each other before they are married and want to know if they share anything in common or not, the faith is very broad-minded in its approach to allow for that too.

What happens when there is the dissemination of information?

Let me put forth a case for you. Aamena, my cousin was reaching 28 and still single. She was highly qualified and a great photographer. She was looking for a highly educated groom for marriage and someone whom she believed would be a practicing Muslim. Also, she had other specifications such as she was not into wearing of the hijaab (the veil) and she wanted to be able to continue with her career as a photographer.

On the other side in Egypt, Abdur Rehman, all of 35 years was looking for someone who was outgoing and had a passion for living rather than being homebound. He wanted to have a wife who was an outgoing person and share this interest in traveling the world.

Both of them did the right thing by listing their profile on a website called مواقع زواج and voila! They seemed to be interested in each other base on the bio that they had provided on their photographs. They decided to chat for a few days online on the same portal before they discussed with their elders about each other. Aamena’s parents invited Abdur Rehman’s parents over and to see if there was a match indeed between their children. They also allowed them some time to themselves. Six months ago, they got married and seem to be a great pair, Masha Allah!

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